Muffler Repair

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All about Muffler Repair

If you have ever experienced an annoying rattling sound while you are driving, then perhaps it is time that you carefully considered getting a muffler repair. In the context of muffler repair, it can be from something as simple as tightening some bolts or having the entire muffler replaced.

In either case, this condition is something that should be done by a qualified technician primarily because it can result in some unwanted consequences like lack of power for example.

It is also important for car owners to understand that eventually due to wear and tear; some components would eventually have to give in. Mufflers unfortunately are one of those that need to be replaced after some period and needs the assistance of a qualified professional.

This is because the entire work would have to be done underneath the vehicle which means that basically it needs to be raised for efficient muffler repair to be completed. Some specialized equipment may also be needed like an acetylene torch for example aside from a replacement muffler if necessary.

Kathryn J.

My car broke down in Vail, CO. The two mechanics in town seemed untrustworthy. TalkToMyMechanic helped me make sure they didn't take advantage of my situation.


Diagnostic Audit

There are dozens of things that could have led to your blown head gasket and dozens of other problems that could have occurred. This checks your car's diagnostic report with our database of 500,000 faulty repairs and our panel of 10 ASE Certified Master Mechanics, so you know that the mechanic is fixing the right thing. (3 of 10 car repairs attempt to fix the wrong thing).


Price Audit

Want to know whether you need to pay $300 or $3,000? This checks the price of parts for your repair AND labor rates against our database of nationally accepted wage rates, so you'll know that you are getting a fair price. (6 of 10 repair customers are overcharged).


Service Audit

If you drove your car after you blew out your head gasket, there's a 50/50 chance you ruined something else in your car. But would you like to know if that is really true or if it is just a greedy mechanic trying to charge extra? This checks additional repairs and suggested maintenance to find out if the repairs are necessary...or not.



Once you've received your final bill, we will negotiate with the shop on your behalf to see if they have any VIP special customer discounts. About 60% of auto shops are willing to drop the price if approached the right way. Once you know you've gotten a fair price AND THEN it gets negotiated down even further, you know that you've received the best possible price you could.


Repair Warranty

If you purchase before you take your car in, we can direct you to an auto shop in your area that offers a 24,000/24 month warranty on any repair they do (about 20% of shops in the US offer this protection).


I hate feeling like the mechanic is screwing me over when he hands me the bill. Just to never have that feeling again is totally worth the price.

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What Causes Muffler Degradation?

In general, one of the most common problems that have been associated with muffler repair is rust. Eventually, due to environmental conditions, it is inevitable that liquid can come into metallic parts of the car which can be the reason why rust begin to develop. It is also entirely possible that rust can develop faster when car owners frequently go on short trips.

Basically, vapor is released into the system which essentially is not given enough time to exit the exhaust system and eventually condenses while it is still in the exhaust system. Normally it is the oxygen sensor component of the muffler which needs to be repaired. Failing to pay attention to the oxygen sensor can result in decreased fuel efficiency which not only results in muffler repair but also additional fuel costs.

Muffler Kits and Repair

When it comes to muffler repair, car owners actually have the option of using muffler repair kits which are widely available in repair shops. However, you have to ask yourself if the perceived savings are really worth it.

These muffler kits have been advertised to take care of muffler problems without needing the help of qualified professionals. Unfortunately, if you are not a qualified professional, how can you be sure that there are no related problems with your vehicle?

Essentially, what happens when you try to have some savings with muffler repair is that you attempt to do the repairs yourself and in a few weeks a new muffler problem appears. Eventually, you end up spending more than you should if you had taken your vehicle to a qualified professional in the first place.

Undoubtedly, there would be labor charges, miscellaneous expenses, and taxes that would have to be included in the fee, but, at least you can be assured that future troubles can be foreseen by qualified professionals leaving you with less hassles with muffler repair.

Cost of Muffler Repair

When you decide to allow qualified professionals to handle your muffler repair problems you can be sure that accurate diagnosis can be done. In the same manner that other potential problems can be caught immediately before they become worse. The cost of muffler repair should be viewed from the point that it actually translates to savings despite being a bit more expensive than do-it-yourself solutions.

On the average mufflers would cost about $30 at the most and sometimes are rarely that expensive as long as no other problems are spotted by the qualified professionals. This is actually one of the reasons why the cost of muffler repair can lead to savings. Essentially if you opt to use muffler kits you may not realize that the problem is already in your exhaust system. And if this is what you fail to catch it can lead to repairs that can reach $500 on the average.

Common Concerns Associated with Muffler Repair

It is understandable that a good portion of car owners do not actually understand how mufflers and the associated exhaust system works. Because of this there are some concerns that generally arise. Some of the concerns about muffler repair may include:

  1. Do noises in older cars mean a muffler going bad?

It is important to consider that the exhaust system of a vehicle is very complex and any excessive noise can be attributed to a number of reasons like holes or cracks in the manifolds, pipes, gaskets, and the muffler itself. This is the reason why you should bring your vehicle to qualified professionals to correctly identify the causes.

  1. Do mufflers have special soundproofing material?

Many car owners do not actually realize that the muffler and the exhaust system is actually very sophisticated which is probably why they immediately assume that an excessive noise immediately calls for muffler repair. The metal tubes inside the mechanism work together in order to cancel the sound allowing for a quieter vehicle operation.

  1. What are the things to look out for to necessitate muffler repair?

In general early signs that would normally require muffler repair would be excessive rust, broken rubber hangers, damaged pipes, as well as unfit conditions of the exhaust system components. Also take into account if the muffler is hanging excessively low which can not only necessitate muffler repair but may also be dangerous if it kicks out while the vehicle is moving.

When it comes to an automotive vehicle definitely it is important that all components are kept in top condition. Even the muffler and exhaust system which many drivers do not completely understand can cause significant impact on the performance of the vehicle. This is why it is extremely important that only qualified professionals be allowed to perform muffler repair on your vehicle.

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Is this just a scare tactic? Is mechanic dishonesty really as bad as you say it is?

Short answer - Yes, it really is that bad.

Sources* say that if we have 10 mechanics

That 6 of them will try to overcharge us

And the remaining 2/3rds won’t be certified

Meaning that you have an 87% chance of dealing with
an overcharging or under-qualified mechanic

Fact - Sources say that 60% of all auto repairs are overcharged.

Fact - Government records show that only 1 in 3 mechanics are actually certified.

Fact - The average repair amount that is overcharged is well over $100.

Fact - All this put together means that the average person has only a 13% chance of getting a fair price from a REAL mechanic. But that's just the average person.

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So How Does This All Actually Work?

Step 1

When you buy, you receive your own personal phone number to your master mechanic. Call that line and tell us briefly about what is happening with your car.

Step 2

We find every shop within 20 miles of you that has the 24,000mile/24 month warranty. Then you decide if you want to select one of those shops or pick your own.

Step 3

Once we know what shop you're going to, we take care of the rest. You just bring in your car and the relax.

(PS - while you're relaxing - we call the shop ahead of time, tell them you'll be arriving shortly, introduce ourselves as your automotive repair team, clarify things with the mechanics, check diagnostics, check pricing, check extra suggested service repairs, and negotiate lower prices. All while you don't have to lift a finger.)

Step 4

Once we're finished, we'll give you a call or text summary of everything we uncovered, stopped, and negotiated before you pay. Then you leave happy knowing you got the right repair for the right price.

TalkToMyMechanic vs. JustAnswer vs. AutoMD

  • Auto Shop Locator
  • Auto Shops with 24/24 warranty Locator
  • Get Answers To Auto Questions
  • Get Answers To Auto Questions By Professional Mechanics
  • Get Answers To Auto Questions on the Phone
  • Diagnostic Audit
  • Price Audit
  • Service Audit

Why is TalkToMyMechanic Pro Different From Just Answer

Just Answer doesn't have the ability to talk to a mechanic on the phone, or the ability to call in to an auto shop to do the hard work for you.

Just Answer just has a box where you can type your question, and a box where you get an answer.

But here is the biggest problem with Just Answer - you only one answer per purchase! And it is geared more towards Do It Yourselfers who are stuck on a repair question, not on a regular joe who needs help knowing whether he needs to take his car in at all, or needs to know if he is being lied to.

This is one of the main reasons people use TalkToMyMechanic, because the other answer websites are only for people who are trying to really fix things for themselves!

Why is TalkToMyMechanic Pro Different From AutoMD

AutoMD misses the big picture entirely. They have a diagnostic tool…but think for a few moments: Do you really think it is possible to know what is wrong with your car with a 5 question quiz? Now, the tool can definitely guide you in the right direction, but there are over 10,000 parts in a car. And every mechanic we've interviewed says that it is foolish to try and figure out what is wrong with a car without first running diagnostics.

Interesting Fact: AutoMD is free…Because YOU are the product they are selling.

AutoMD makes money by sending YOUR customer information to high paying shops. Think about it, if AutoMD has to pick between taking care of you or the shop, who are they going to pick? The anonymous website visitor? Or the auto shops paying them thousands of dollars for customer information?

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There is a 87% chance you get the wrong repair or get overcharged. And of the times you don't get overcharged, there is a 60% chance to still negotiate the price lower. So basically, 19 times out of 20, we save people hundreds of dollars.

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