Car Won't Start?

Diagnosis, Possible Solutions and How To Talk To An Expert Mechanic About It For Free

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Why Won't My Car Start?!?

Why it Happens, What To Do, How Much It Costs and How To Talk To an Expert Mechanic About it for Free

Chances are that you have found this website today because you tried to start your car and it didn't work. When your car won’t start it can really ruin your day, so let us help you figure out how to get yourself up and running again. First, start by trying to figure out what is wrong with your car in the first place. Watch the video below.

James describes the many different reason a car won't start in this 60 second video.

Some of these problems are cheap to fix, like spark plugs, but others can be VERY expensive!

The scenarios listed in the video above are just a few of the possibilities that can cause vehicle problems resulting in a situation where you can't start your car. Considering the complexities of newer vehicles and the various systems that are responsible for ensuring optimum vehicle performance, you probably need an expert's help.

That's where we come in.

That really smart guy in the video up there? That's James. And James can help you for FREE. You can call James, and he will give you advice on what you can do to get your car up and running again. So we would suggest two things.

#1. Have you tried to jump your car? Is it possible that you just have a dead battery? Try to jump your car first with jumper cables. If you need instructions on how to do that, click here.

#2. Did the jumper cables not work or do you want someone to walk you through your problem over the phone? Then fill out form below to get instant access to James. James will help you figure out what is wrong with your car and if you DO end up taking your car to a shop, James will make sure you don't get overcharged. (For example, spark plugs cost under $100 to fix and replace. A ruined transmission can cost well over $1000. Either one of those things could be the reason your car isn't running, make sure they don't charge you for both.) So sign up below so we can send you the phone number to talk to James.

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How TalkToMyMechanic Pro Saves People $100s on Head Gasket Repair

Kathryn J.

My car broke down in Vail, CO. The two mechanics in town seemed untrustworthy. TalkToMyMechanic helped me make sure they didn't take advantage of my situation.


Diagnostic Audit

There are dozens of things that could have led to your blown head gasket and dozens of other problems that could have occurred. This checks your car's diagnostic report with our database of 500,000 faulty repairs and our panel of 10 ASE Certified Master Mechanics, so you know that the mechanic is fixing the right thing. (3 of 10 car repairs attempt to fix the wrong thing).


Price Audit

Want to know whether you need to pay $300 or $3,000? This checks the price of parts for your repair AND labor rates against our database of nationally accepted wage rates, so you'll know that you are getting a fair price. (6 of 10 repair customers are overcharged).


Service Audit

If you drove your car after you blew out your head gasket, there's a 50/50 chance you ruined something else in your car. But would you like to know if that is really true or if it is just a greedy mechanic trying to charge extra? This checks additional repairs and suggested maintenance to find out if the repairs are necessary...or not.



Once you've received your final bill, we will negotiate with the shop on your behalf to see if they have any VIP special customer discounts. About 60% of auto shops are willing to drop the price if approached the right way. Once you know you've gotten a fair price AND THEN it gets negotiated down even further, you know that you've received the best possible price you could.


Repair Warranty

If you purchase before you take your car in, we can direct you to an auto shop in your area that offers a 24,000/24 month warranty on any repair they do (about 20% of shops in the US offer this protection).


I hate feeling like the mechanic is screwing me over when he hands me the bill. Just to never have that feeling again is totally worth the price.

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More Technical Information About What Happens When Your Car Won't Start

Can you imagine how frustrating it might feel when you’re rushing in the morning, you jump into your car, put the key in the ignition and turn. And turn. And turn again. But nothing happens, in fact, you get more results turning a door knob. From the standpoint of a car owner if a car won’t start it can mean a whole range of different problems.

With newer cars becoming more complicated than their predecessors, the manner of diagnosing and troubleshooting problems of why a car won’t start also become increasingly challenging. Keep in mind that potentially anything under the hood and probably much more may be causing the problem and as such the help of a qualified technician becomes more obvious and important.

Potential Signs that Your Car Won’t Start

Car Wont Start

Sometimes the problem of the car not starting does not happen immediately in the morning. What’s worse is that you may be able to use your vehicle as you leave the house but when you leave the parking lot it suddenly happens. For most people the solution would be to call a tow truck and have the vehicle go straight to a qualified technician.

Essentially, some signs may be obvious while others can be neglected leading to more problems than just the car won’t start. Some signs to look out for that may mean your car won’t start:

  1. The engine starter slowly turns while the lights are either dim or don’t work entirely.
  2. No reaction from the starter, engine does not turn including the windscreen wipers and the lights.
  3. Loud clicking sound as you turn the ignition key to the start position. Although the starter does not turn the lights and windscreen wipers operate perfectly.
  4. Lights and windscreen wipers are working but the engine does not come alive.
  5. Starter turns engine strongly but the engine dies out and fails to come alive.
  6. The engine turns strongly with the starter but does not continue to come alive. After a while of repeated attempts a strong smell of fuel is observed.

Common Diagnosis Why Your Car Won’t Start

There is no question that there are a number of reasons why a car won’t start depending on what is causing it. For most car owners the easiest way to do it would be by trial and error. Unfortunately if you are in a hurry or in an emergency, dialing a qualified technician still proves to be the fastest and most efficient solution.

It would however be helpful to familiarize yourself with the common diagnosis to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. When it comes to car trouble that results in a situation where the car won’t start, the most common diagnosis to consider can include:

Car Battery Dead
  1. Flat or weak battery
  2. Faulty battery connections or battery that has reached its dead cycle
  3. Possible stuck gear in the starter motor
  4. Faulty wiring, ignition switch, solenoid or possibly problems with the starter motor
  5. Failed to observe vehicle has run out of fuel
  6. Moisture has accumulated in the ignition system
  7. Loose or disconnected ignition system wires
  8. Disconnected or broken fuel line
  9. Engine has been flooded by fuel due to continued start attempts

Car Distributor Problems can Cause Faulty Starts

In very few instances the condition that a car won’t start can be attributed to the car distributor. However, this does not mean that it can be completely ruled out. Occasionally during wet weather, the distributor cap can become faulty and prevent the car from starting. The main cause would normally be attributed to moisture and since electricity and moisture don’t mix, your car won’t start.

The car coil which connects to the distributor can sometimes be the cause of the problem. Potentially, a shorting or broken coil wire can result in a situation where the car won’t start. The only way to check this condition is to examine if there is continuity of electricity flowing in the system. This can be adequately checked by a qualified technician and can be quite difficult to attempt on your own.

Fuel System Problems means a Car Won’t Start

Fuel Filter

Aside from electricity, another driving factor common to majority of vehicles is fuel. This means that any problems associated with the fuel system of the vehicle will result in a condition where the car won’t start. When it comes to the fuel system the fuel pump and relay as well as the fuel filter are the most common components to consider. These are the most likely sources of potential hindrances to the operation of majority of vehicles.

When it comes to the fuel pump and relay, the most common procedure is to test for fuel system pressure. The fuel filter on the other hand needs to be tested for clogs that may be preventing the fuel from reaching the engine. As you can imagine this can be quite challenging to achieve without the help of a qualified technician. Moreover, it is recommended that you never attempt to do this on your own.

Some of the scenarios here are just a few of the possibilities that can cause vehicle problems resulting in a car won’t start situation. Considering the complexities of newer vehicles and the various systems that are responsible for ensuring optimum vehicle performance, you probably need an expert's help.

Once again, we can be that expert for you. We'll walk you through the steps you can take and if you aren't able to fix your car, then we can make sure that when you take in your car to the autoshop that you don't get over-charged (which, by the way, has a 60% probability of happening). Really, watch this video below to see how it works.

James will talk with you and tell you what you should do. He'll also make sure that you don't get scammed or tricked by any shops that you take your car into by auditing the other mechanics' work. And he'll speak with you in plain English and not in "mechanic-speak" to explain everything to you. With your vehicle representing one of your most expensive investments, having a situation where your car won’t start should be left to professionals. Get in contact with James and he can help you out. Just click below and we can get your car back up and running.

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Why TalkToMyMechanic Pro is Risk-Free for you to try

  • Have the luxury of your own person mechanic
  • Sit back and relax as our mechanic does all the talking for you. (You just give us the name of the autoshop you've walked into and then we go to work.)
  • Save hundreds of dollars on your repair

BUT if at the end of your repair you aren't absolutely thrilled... if you don't enjoy the low prices, safety of an expert's opinion, and experience the most hands off, laid-back car repair of your life, then you're protected by our

100% NO-Risk Double Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double Guarantee. If you are unhappy in any way over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No questions asked.

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Is this just a scare tactic? Is mechanic dishonesty really as bad as you say it is?

Short answer - Yes, it really is that bad.

Sources* say that if we have 10 mechanics

That 6 of them will try to overcharge us

And the remaining 2/3rds won’t be certified

Meaning that you have an 87% chance of dealing with
an overcharging or under-qualified mechanic

Fact - Sources say that 60% of all auto repairs are overcharged.

Fact - Government records show that only 1 in 3 mechanics are actually certified.

Fact - The average repair amount that is overcharged is well over $100.

Fact - All this put together means that the average person has only a 13% chance of getting a fair price from a REAL mechanic. But that's just the average person.

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Discover How Some Other People Have Used TalkToMyMechanic

  • Men and Women who "don't speak Mechanic" to understand what their auto shop is talking about.
  • Women, College Students, and Older Drivers to protect themselves from getting scammed (these groups are the groups that are most frequently targeted by dubious mechanics)
  • Business Professionals who just don't have the time to sit around with a mechanic at the shop.
  • Parents who want to make sure that their children's cars are fixed correctly the first time.
  • When We Asked Our Customers What They Like About TalkToMyMechanic Pro Here is What They Said.

    "TalkToMyMechanic Pro helps me feel like every time the mechanics smile when they hand me the bill it isn't because they are about to screw me over."

    "They targeted my mom because she is older but luckily I was able to get her to sign up [for TalkToMyMechanic] right before she almost handed over the credit card"

    See How Our Customers Get the Best Out of The Diagnostic Audit.

    "I had no idea how often mechanics just try to guess what is wrong with the car. The shop almost fixed the wrong thing!"

    See How Our Customers Get the Most Out of Our Pricing Audit.

    "He said the new wheels for my mother's car were going to be $3,200. When the guy at TalkToMyMechanic told him that she could get the wheels for $1,700 online, he immediately dropped the price.

    Why Our Customers Love The Service Audit.

    "I researched online for the price of my repair and it seemed right, but I had no idea how to check whether I really needed the extra 4 repairs he suggested or whether he was trying to fix something that wasn't broken."

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So How Does This All Actually Work?

Step 1

When you buy, you receive your own personal phone number to your master mechanic. Call that line and tell us briefly about what is happening with your car.

Step 2

We find every shop within 20 miles of you that has the 24,000mile/24 month warranty. Then you decide if you want to select one of those shops or pick your own.

Step 3

Once we know what shop you're going to, we take care of the rest. You just bring in your car and the relax.

(PS - while you're relaxing - we call the shop ahead of time, tell them you'll be arriving shortly, introduce ourselves as your automotive repair team, clarify things with the mechanics, check diagnostics, check pricing, check extra suggested service repairs, and negotiate lower prices. All while you don't have to lift a finger.)

Step 4

Once we're finished, we'll give you a call or text summary of everything we uncovered, stopped, and negotiated before you pay. Then you leave happy knowing you got the right repair for the right price.

TalkToMyMechanic vs. JustAnswer vs. AutoMD

  • Auto Shop Locator
  • Auto Shops with 24/24 warranty Locator
  • Get Answers To Auto Questions
  • Get Answers To Auto Questions By Professional Mechanics
  • Get Answers To Auto Questions on the Phone
  • Diagnostic Audit
  • Price Audit
  • Service Audit

Why is TalkToMyMechanic Pro Different From Just Answer

Just Answer doesn't have the ability to talk to a mechanic on the phone, or the ability to call in to an auto shop to do the hard work for you.

Just Answer just has a box where you can type your question, and a box where you get an answer.

But here is the biggest problem with Just Answer - you only one answer per purchase! And it is geared more towards Do It Yourselfers who are stuck on a repair question, not on a regular joe who needs help knowing whether he needs to take his car in at all, or needs to know if he is being lied to.

This is one of the main reasons people use TalkToMyMechanic, because the other answer websites are only for people who are trying to really fix things for themselves!

Why is TalkToMyMechanic Pro Different From AutoMD

AutoMD misses the big picture entirely. They have a diagnostic tool…but think for a few moments: Do you really think it is possible to know what is wrong with your car with a 5 question quiz? Now, the tool can definitely guide you in the right direction, but there are over 10,000 parts in a car. And every mechanic we've interviewed says that it is foolish to try and figure out what is wrong with a car without first running diagnostics.

Interesting Fact: AutoMD is free…Because YOU are the product they are selling.

AutoMD makes money by sending YOUR customer information to high paying shops. Think about it, if AutoMD has to pick between taking care of you or the shop, who are they going to pick? The anonymous website visitor? Or the auto shops paying them thousands of dollars for customer information?

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There is a 87% chance you get the wrong repair or get overcharged. And of the times you don't get overcharged, there is a 60% chance to still negotiate the price lower. So basically, 19 times out of 20, we save people hundreds of dollars.

Colleen (Tanner's Grandma)

I think this product is so great, I signed my grandma up for it! (True Story!) - Tanner, from TalkToMyMechanic Customer Research.

"So I basically forced my grandma into buying TalkToMyMechanic (come on, don't judge, I really think its a good product). Anyways, her car broke down literally a week later on her way up to the airport. She left her car, caught her flight, called TalkToMyMechanic and they got her car towed to a shop for free, saved her $400 off her original bill and had the car all arranged for when she flew back."

Start Using TalkToMyMechanic Pro Now!

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These big brands use TalkToMyMechanic.

Sign Up Now and Discover How We Can Save You Heartache, Hassle and a Ton of Money When You Fix Your Car.

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