The Secret About Blown Head Gaskets That Mechanics Don’t Want You To Know About.

How To Force Mechanics To Give You A Good Honest Deal.

What Does It Cost To Fix A Blown Head Gasket?

Bad news - Fixing a blown head gasket can cost up to $3,000.

Good news - Sometimes, the head gasket only needs to be repaired and sealed, not completely replaced, costing only $300.

Bad news - Auto shops have been hurt bad by the economy. Do you think they are going to suggest the $300 repair, or the $3,000?

Facts - It has been shown that 60% of mechanics will suggest the more expensive repair, even if a cheaper one would work. (Even more for some people - want to find out how scam-able you are?)

Good news - TalkToMyMechanic Pro guarantees you don't get scammed with your blown head gasket problem by auditing diagnostic reports, repairs, and prices of your auto shop…and you don't have to do a thing.

How TalkToMyMechanic Pro Saves People $100s on Head Gasket Repair

Kathryn J.

My car broke down in Vail, CO. The two mechanics in town seemed untrustworthy. TalkToMyMechanic helped me make sure they didn't take advantage of my situation.


Diagnostic Audit

There are dozens of things that could have led to your blown head gasket and dozens of other problems that could have occurred. This checks your car's diagnostic report with our database of 500,000 faulty repairs and our panel of 10 ASE Certified Master Mechanics, so you know that the mechanic is fixing the right thing. (3 of 10 car repairs attempt to fix the wrong thing).


Price Audit

Want to know whether you need to pay $300 or $3,000? This checks the price of parts for your repair AND labor rates against our database of nationally accepted wage rates, so you'll know that you are getting a fair price. (6 of 10 repair customers are overcharged).


Service Audit

If you drove your car after you blew out your head gasket, there's a 50/50 chance you ruined something else in your car. But would you like to know if that is really true or if it is just a greedy mechanic trying to charge extra? This checks additional repairs and suggested maintenance to find out if the repairs are necessary...or not.



Once you've received your final bill, we will negotiate with the shop on your behalf to see if they have any VIP special customer discounts. About 60% of auto shops are willing to drop the price if approached the right way. Once you know you've gotten a fair price AND THEN it gets negotiated down even further, you know that you've received the best possible price you could.


Repair Warranty

If you purchase before you take your car in, we can direct you to an auto shop in your area that offers a 24,000/24 month warranty on any repair they do (about 20% of shops in the US offer this protection).


I hate feeling like the mechanic is screwing me over when he hands me the bill. Just to never have that feeling again is totally worth the price.

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If your interested about the details of head gaskets and head gasket problems, read below, otherwise, you can start using TalkToMyMechanic Pro now.

What is a Head Gasket?

In an internal combustion engine, a blown head gasket is something that can be caused by the neglect of the car owner, or sometimes, it just means that the car is getting older. Unfortunately, most people don't know much about the symptoms, causes or solutions for such a problem, which leads people to over-trust mechanics and over-purchase.

Basically, the head gasket sits between the cylinder head and the engine block and is used to seal the cylinders to make sure that maximum compression is achieved. The sealing of the cylinders helps prevent leakage of the engine oil or coolant into the cylinders. This means that it represents on of the most important sealing applications in any vehicle engine that is part of the combustion chamber.

Because of the critical role played by the head gasket, it must adhere to specific strength requirements similar to those observed by other components within the combustion chamber. Essentially, a blown head gasket occurs in the engine due to a failure in the mechanical components. In terms of the different engine components, the head gasket represents one of the more vulnerable components of any vehicle engine.

In an attempt to understand the condition of a blown head gasket it is equally important to note the different types used in a vehicle engine. Essentially, these types may dictate how vulnerable your car is to a blown head gasket condition or will help you select the right type of head gasket material to avoid the condition. This however does not mean that a blown head gasket will be completely avoided but probably minimized.

So Why Do Repair Prices Vary So Much? - Different Types of Head Gaskets

MLS Head Gasket

  • Multiple Layers Steel (MLS) – majority of newer head engines make use of MLS gaskets because they are made up of three layers of steel. A rubber-like coating is applied to the contact faces which sticks to the cylinder block and the cylinder head. The thicker center however is left bare intentionally.
  • Solid copper – this particular type of head gasket works in combination with a specialized machining method known as o-ringing. A piece of wire is placed around the circumference of the cylinder which bites into the copper. Copper gaskets are considered by many car manufacturers as extremely durable. Solid copper gaskets have also been produced with integral sealing wires which will allow retrofitting without removing the engine block.
  • Composite – represents an older technology that makes use of graphite or asbestos. Unfortunately these are more prone to blown head gasket conditions and are becoming rare due to health effects of asbestos.
  • Elastomeric – used originally in the K series engines of Rover, it has a steel core plate equipped with silicone rubber beads that are molded in place. These seal the coolant passages as well as the oil. The design attempted to imitate technology used in F1 engines.

Role of the Head Gasket Seal

During the explosive cycle of the internal combustion engine, gases are created. The role of the head gasket seal is to ensure that the gasses do not escape. The importance of this lies in the mixture of the air and gas which is ignited by the spark plugs.

The explosion is expected to occur in order to drive the pistons down which results in the motion of the vehicle. This means that a blown head gasket can result in possible permanent damages to the vehicle.

Once the seal has been broken and the gases escape between the head and the piston, a loss of engine power is expected to happen. Primarily, the head of the engine is the one responsible for controlling the valves. In this context, the valves are required to observe a specific order of movement that will allow the fuel mixture coming in as well as the exhaust that is going out of the system.

Heat is the Enemy of the Head Gasket

Every vehicle engine is designed to observe proper cooling with its individual heat limits. Basically when the engine becomes extremely hot the components begin to move in such a way that it disrupts the operation of the metal parts. The heat generated by the engine can lead to a blown head gasket. One of the most common causes of engine heat is improper or inadequate oil levels in the engine which generates friction.

There are actually many vehicles that include a built-in oil cooler in the radiator to prevent this heat condition. Improper levels of coolant also contribute to excessive heat that is generated by the engine. Inadequate amounts of oil or coolant will fail to draw away heat from the engine. You must realize that in this condition the heat must be carried away somewhere. Unfortunately, it usually gets absorbed into the metal leading to a blown head gasket.

Is a Blown Head Gasket Serious?

Short Answer - Very Serious.

Any qualified technician can categorically say that a blown head gasket is a serious condition that should be avoided or dealt with immediately. When a blown head gasket occurs there is a tendency that coolant may leak into the cylinders of the engine including the adjacent cylinders or even outside.

Because of this the potential results of a blown head gasket can be:

  • Very expensive repairs or replacement of damaged components
  • Other underlying problems especially if the coolant or oil spills outside the engine block
  • Replacement of other components aside from the head gasket

It is equally important to note that a blown head gasket occurs usually at the weakest point – the thinnest portion between adjacent cylinders. Understanding that excessive heat and the resulting pressure build up are the reasons why the head gasket gets damaged can help car owners avoid a blown head gasket. In the same manner that it is important to understand that dealing with a blown head gasket is something that a qualified technician should handle (which is what al those non-DIYers are doing).

If it all seems like too much and you just want to give in and have a professional do it, then try out TalkToMyMechanic by filling out the form below. Its the easy, free way to guarantee that you don’t get charged $5000 for your blown head gasket when it should have only costed $500.Paragraph

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  • Have the luxury of your own person mechanic
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BUT if at the end of your repair you aren't absolutely thrilled... if you don't enjoy the low prices, safety of an expert's opinion, and experience the most hands off, laid-back car repair of your life, then you're protected by our

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You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double Guarantee. If you are unhappy in any way over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No questions asked.

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Is this just a scare tactic? Is mechanic dishonesty really as bad as you say it is?

Short answer - Yes, it really is that bad.

Sources* say that if we have 10 mechanics

That 6 of them will try to overcharge us

And the remaining 2/3rds won’t be certified

Meaning that you have an 87% chance of dealing with
an overcharging or under-qualified mechanic

Fact - Sources say that 60% of all auto repairs are overcharged.

Fact - Government records show that only 1 in 3 mechanics are actually certified.

Fact - The average repair amount that is overcharged is well over $100.

Fact - All this put together means that the average person has only a 13% chance of getting a fair price from a REAL mechanic. But that's just the average person.

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  • Men and Women who "don't speak Mechanic" to understand what their auto shop is talking about.
  • Women, College Students, and Older Drivers to protect themselves from getting scammed (these groups are the groups that are most frequently targeted by dubious mechanics)
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  • When We Asked Our Customers What They Like About TalkToMyMechanic Pro Here is What They Said.

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    See How Our Customers Get the Best Out of The Diagnostic Audit.

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    Why Our Customers Love The Service Audit.

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So How Does This All Actually Work?

Step 1

When you buy, you receive your own personal phone number to your master mechanic. Call that line and tell us briefly about what is happening with your car.

Step 2

We find every shop within 20 miles of you that has the 24,000mile/24 month warranty. Then you decide if you want to select one of those shops or pick your own.

Step 3

Once we know what shop you're going to, we take care of the rest. You just bring in your car and the relax.

(PS - while you're relaxing - we call the shop ahead of time, tell them you'll be arriving shortly, introduce ourselves as your automotive repair team, clarify things with the mechanics, check diagnostics, check pricing, check extra suggested service repairs, and negotiate lower prices. All while you don't have to lift a finger.)

Step 4

Once we're finished, we'll give you a call or text summary of everything we uncovered, stopped, and negotiated before you pay. Then you leave happy knowing you got the right repair for the right price.

TalkToMyMechanic vs. JustAnswer vs. AutoMD

  • Auto Shop Locator
  • Auto Shops with 24/24 warranty Locator
  • Get Answers To Auto Questions
  • Get Answers To Auto Questions By Professional Mechanics
  • Get Answers To Auto Questions on the Phone
  • Diagnostic Audit
  • Price Audit
  • Service Audit

Why is TalkToMyMechanic Pro Different From Just Answer

Just Answer doesn't have the ability to talk to a mechanic on the phone, or the ability to call in to an auto shop to do the hard work for you.

Just Answer just has a box where you can type your question, and a box where you get an answer.

But here is the biggest problem with Just Answer - you only one answer per purchase! And it is geared more towards Do It Yourselfers who are stuck on a repair question, not on a regular joe who needs help knowing whether he needs to take his car in at all, or needs to know if he is being lied to.

This is one of the main reasons people use TalkToMyMechanic, because the other answer websites are only for people who are trying to really fix things for themselves!

Why is TalkToMyMechanic Pro Different From AutoMD

AutoMD misses the big picture entirely. They have a diagnostic tool…but think for a few moments: Do you really think it is possible to know what is wrong with your car with a 5 question quiz? Now, the tool can definitely guide you in the right direction, but there are over 10,000 parts in a car. And every mechanic we've interviewed says that it is foolish to try and figure out what is wrong with a car without first running diagnostics.

Interesting Fact: AutoMD is free…Because YOU are the product they are selling.

AutoMD makes money by sending YOUR customer information to high paying shops. Think about it, if AutoMD has to pick between taking care of you or the shop, who are they going to pick? The anonymous website visitor? Or the auto shops paying them thousands of dollars for customer information?

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There is a 87% chance you get the wrong repair or get overcharged. And of the times you don't get overcharged, there is a 60% chance to still negotiate the price lower. So basically, 19 times out of 20, we save people hundreds of dollars.

Colleen (Tanner's Grandma)

I think this product is so great, I signed my grandma up for it! (True Story!) - Tanner, from TalkToMyMechanic Customer Research.

"So I basically forced my grandma into buying TalkToMyMechanic (come on, don't judge, I really think its a good product). Anyways, her car broke down literally a week later on her way up to the airport. She left her car, caught her flight, called TalkToMyMechanic and they got her car towed to a shop for free, saved her $400 off her original bill and had the car all arranged for when she flew back."

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