Alternator Problems

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Symptoms of Possible Alternator Problems

When it comes to automotive vehicles, serious alternator problems can render it completely disabled. This is one of the reasons why it is important for every car owner and driver to understand the functions and symptoms so that immediate solutions can be achieved. Basically, the automotive alternator is primarily responsible for creating electricity using the fundamental electromagnetism law – changing magnetic field results in an electric field.

When dealing with alternator problems it is important to know that the stator and the rotor are the two main parts. Essentially the rotor is composed of three pairs of electromagnets with opposite poles facing one another.

These are contained in a cylindrical disc and conduct 120 degrees out of phase. The stator on the other hand is contained in the center of the rotor disc and serves as the stationary portion of the alternator.

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How the Alternator Rotor Works

In a vehicle, the rotor is normally installed onto the engine crankshaft using an alternator belt. The alternator belt is responsible for transferring engine torque to the rotor. In this context it can be one source of alternator problems.

When the engine is running the crankshaft rotation spins the rotor. The spinning rotor is responsible for the changing magnetic field which induces the 3-phase current in the stator. With 120 degrees out of phase current generated works together with the output terminals of the stator.

The output current though is Alternating Current (AC) which does not conform to the Direct Current (DC) requirements of the vehicle accessories. The conversion from AC to DC is handled by the output current coming from the stator creating a voltage output of about 14 volts.

The output of the rectifier goes to the battery for charging and storing purposes. The battery supplies voltage to the alternator to create an exciter voltage to kick off the electromagnets. This is another potential source of alternator problems.

Role of the Alternator

On the outside the alternator looks like a relatively simple component made of few vital parts. However, behind this simplicity it plays a vital role in the operation of the vehicle.

Normally, it is responsible for turning on the mechanical energy and powering on the accessories of the vehicle including the headlights as well as the electrohydraulic lifts in the case of a snow plow. This component is likewise responsible for keeping the battery charged which is important in restarting the vehicle.

Because the alternator is critical for the function of any other system, any alternator problems can have direct effect on the operation of these systems as well as how vehicle problems are diagnosed. The wide range of problems can begin with slow starts and end up to a completely dead vehicle. Sometimes the flickering gauges and blinking lights can be likened to a vehicle possession.

Symptoms of Possible Alternator Problems

The design of modern vehicles undoubtedly has made it easier for drivers and car owners to identify potential problems that can happen during operation. The instrument panel of vehicles has undoubtedly become their best friend and gives all the necessary information they need to ensure that the vehicle is running smoothly. Some telltale signs to lookout for include:

  1. Warning lights – majority of instrument panels have a dedicated warning light for signaling potential alternator problems. Normally it looks like a battery while some instrument panels would show the words GEN or ALT. Some drivers and car owners mistakenly identify the warning lights as a sign of battery problems rather than connected to the alternator.

The warning light is linked to an onboard computer system responsible for monitoring the voltage output of the alternator. A preset limit determines when the indicator light goes on. One sign of alternator problems that is commonly missed is when the indicator light begins to flicker and turns off again. When this is not given the proper attention it can lead to other potentially serious problems. Any voltage output above or below the preset limit turns on the indicator light of the alternator.

  1. Erratic headlights – another potential symptom of alternator problems is that the operation of the headlights becomes erratic by turning either too dim or too bright. Since the alternator is primarily responsible for delivering a consistent level of electricity to the vehicle, this symptom may mean that the alternator is already losing its potentials. Speedometers, tachometers, and dashboard lights also seem to fail with no particular reason.

There are a number of factors that can actually affect how this symptom manifests. One of the most common factors for this symptom on alternator problems is the actual condition of this component. The programming of the vehicle also plays a part on how the determination of the problem. It is important to remember that sometimes manufacturers implement a safety plan when there are alternator problems by automatically rerouting electricity to more important components when there is lack of supply.

  1. Be observant – one of the most common causes of vehicle problems that lead to costly repairs is that the car owner or driver simply ignores telltale signs of problems. Undoubtedly, if you remain observant, these signs will tip you off of potential alternator problems.
  • Visual indicators are often ignored as in the case of loose, missing, or cracked alternator belt. Many mechanics share the experience that when they lift up the hood the alternator belt shows all the signs of alternator problems but has been neglected.
  • Sound indicators of alternator problems would normally include a whining or growling noise. This usually happens when the alternator reaches its dead cycle. This noise is mostly attributed to the wearing out of the bushing and bearings of the alternator.
  • You can smell it but you ignore it. One potential symptom of alternator problems is a burnt rubber smell or wires burning. Usually an overheated alternator is responsible for the burnt wire smell while the burning rubber scent can be caused by a misaligned pulley.

As you can see dealing with potential alternator problems is not that easy despite the seemingly simple design of the component. In order to avoid further expenses and possible damage to other components of your vehicles, have your alternator problems checked by a qualified technician.

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