About Us

TalkToMyMechanic is owned and operated by Carzooks Inc., a company based in Arvada, CO.

And what is Carzooks all about?  Carzooks is disgusted with the way the auto industry works and wants to fix it.  Mechanics, used car salesmen, car insurance – all of them are notoriously dishonest… and we want that to stop.

TalkToMyMechanic is one of our services meant to tilt power back to the consumer by “calling out” dishonest or under-qualified shops.  Unfortunately, this really bothers a lot of people in the industry because their sneaky tactics are coming under the microscope.  But honest mechanics and consumers alike appreciate TalkToMyMechanic.

We offer TalkToMyMechanic for free to anyone for their first repair so that they can see how nice it is having the piece of mind that they aren’t getting ripped off and that they won’t have to come back a week later because the repair wasn’t right.

Have you never used TalkToMyMechanic before?  Then we invite you to try it out.  Sign up below, and then on your next repair, know for certain that you got the right repair for the right price.